Wildlife around Leh

Leh is situated in the Indus Valley. In winter there are some excellent birds to look for. Ibisbill occurs in good numbers and we normally start by looking for this star species. There are often a few waders and ducks about and two other good birds to look for near the river are Masked Wagtail and Brown Dipper. Very common birds are Eurasian Magpie, Black-throated Thrush and Güldenstädt's Redstart. Wallcreeper are always a possibility as is Fire-fronted Serin.

Leh is the start point for other mammals and birds that can be seen in Ladakh and these species can be looked for if requested. Tibetan Sandgrouse trips can be organised and Solitary Snipe can be looked for.



Indus River

Indus River


Black-throated Thrush

Güldenstädt's Redstart

Masked Wagtail

Brown Dipper